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Extra, Extra! | by gfpeck
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Extra, Extra! all about it! Woody was found dead last night in a local warehouse. Although suicide has been ruled out, little is known about possible motivaton for such heinous act. Sources say it looks to be a 3/16" wound similar to those found in the gangland slaying last month.


Active Assignment Weekly July 26 - August 2 Crime Scene


The assignment this week requires a bit of role playing. Imagine yourself as a photographer working for a big city newspaper. It's 1940. You're out there on the street with your 4x5 Speed Graphic and your mission is to capture a juicy shot that will sell papers.


You know the type of shot I'm talking about. High contrast, black and white. Show me the naked underbelly of this city. A local hodlum sitting on a bench at the neighborhood precinct house trying to cover his face so his mom won't see his mug on the front page. The chalk outline and blood stains left on the sidewalk after a murder investigation. Some poor dame holding a bandage on her forehead 'cause her drunk husband smashed up the family car. We want a splashy front page shot that will make our rag fly of the news stands.


WIT: First things first. I did not drill a hole into Woody for the assignment...he is fine. I first found a small block of wood that was about as thick as Woody and drilled a couple of holes in it so I could have the shavings and a hole. Next, I laid Woody out on the garage floor in the pose shown and found some sidewalk chalk to outline his body and then sprinkled some of the shavings over his torso area. I moved some of the shavings away from where the hole would later be shown. I took a photo of this scene with a flash bouncing off a positioned white garbage can. Next I put Woody aside and placed the block of wood with the hole where his torso was and took a second picture. I photoshop elements, I took a small portion of the wood block image and merged it with Woody's photo to make it look like he had been drilled. I messed around with some processing that included a Lomo effect action and conversion to b&w to fit the assignment description.





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Taken on July 30, 2010