• missing a shadow!? - Prozac74
  • Another missing shadow should be over here. I was sloppy when putting this together and had two light sources with competing shadows.

Penrose Triangle

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Active Weekly May 31st - June 7th: Illusion

Illusion is defined as something which deceives by making a false or misleading impression of reality. I want you to take this however you'd like. I love seeing a variety of photos. This could be an optical illusion or just something that may not be what it seems. You could even make a short story in your description to go along with your picture to explain what makes it an illusion (For example: having a picture of an innocent looking child and then explain that they are in fact a highly dangerous assassin). Get creative and have some fun!

WIT: I had to try this one. Its called a Penrose triangle. I was inspired by a version of this built with dice. I didn't have enough dice so I used some wooden blocks. This is a combination of two images merged together in PSE. The photoshop work took a few more steps than in should have because I wasn't exact enough in my set up of the blocks. i was close, but not close enough. Cropped and a curve adjustment layer added to boost contrast.


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  1. gfpeck 103 months ago | reply

    Thanks for all the great comments and favoriting.

    Joe, the image that was my inspiration does not have any how-to material to go with it. I will put something together so show how it was done.

  2. sonnysawyer43 103 months ago | reply

    Great job Wes. After looking at Wikipedia's sculpture of one of these puppies, I have a real challenge for you.

    ......SHOW ME THE SHADOW......

  3. Prozac74 103 months ago | reply

    You do not cease to amaze me, an even though I still miss one shadow I vote this "BestofWeek1"

  4. gfpeck 103 months ago | reply

    Yes, in my haste to put this together I focused too much on the structure and forgot about the extra shadow. I will now hang my head in shame. I will show you the two original versions and you will see what should be.

  5. benjeev 103 months ago | reply

    Easy vote for me this one. Best of Week 2!

  6. jetdy 103 months ago | reply

    Nice work, despite the shadows. Rough crowd. Of course you only set that upon yourself maintaining such high standards. I wanted to do Escher's Ascending Descending but I think that would have consumed the rest of my life. I might have chosen a different background.

  7. gfpeck 103 months ago | reply

    Here's how I did it (click on the image to see the narration).

    I agree that I should have used a different background. This was supposed to be my prototype but I ran out of time to do a more formal version.
    How I Did It

  8. straw herring 103 months ago | reply

    well done!
    (seen on explore)

  9. Suraj Baadkar 103 months ago | reply

    nice work .. bt as pointed out .. shadows need to be ryt

  10. Mark J P 103 months ago | reply

    I voted this "Best of Week 3" (from Active Assignment Weekly group).

  11. nophoto4jojo 103 months ago | reply

    I really think this depicts an illusion so

    I vote this Best Of Week 4

    And thank you for the setup pictures!!!

  12. Terriko 103 months ago | reply

    You know, the more I look at it the more I think I like the imperfect shadows, since they hint at the illusion setup without being over-the-top obvious about it.

    Great photo! Voted Best of Week 5.

  13. The tamed shrew 103 months ago | reply

    Many congratulations Wes. This one will run and run! :o)

  14. gfpeck 103 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kate. I've never had this much activity on an image before. And thanks to all who voted for the image.

  15. Light Echoes 103 months ago | reply

    Brilliant! Well done ^___^

    You are invited to display your image.
    I wish I'd taken it!!!

    Damn! I Wish I'd Taken That!!! - Invitation
    Invited Images Only
    Post 1--Award 2

  16. Ansgar Artwork 96 months ago | reply

    You have done a great job! Great shot! My husband tried it also for MacroMonday group, was a hell of a job to get it right with only the pictures you can find on the net... Love the wooden blocks, makes it look very natural and clean!

  17. imagery rules 91 months ago | reply

    Woah that is making my eyes go loopy!
    yield calculator

  18. JordiVS 89 months ago | reply

    Muy buen trabajo!! Felicidades.

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