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Citizens of Zaevia, The Steampunk City | by WerferOfFlammen
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Citizens of Zaevia, The Steampunk City

Finally done and painted! Left to right:


1. Terv - The Boiler Technician: Tasked in maintaining the cavernous primary boilers in the waters deep below the lower industrial zone, Terv is now the longest serving diver, known for his careful efficiency and ability to clear out some of the of the more dangerous infestations that take root within the boilers.


2. Ermac - The Lead Checkpoint Enforcer: As the chief officer patrolling Zaevia's bustling central station, an intimidating show of force is often needed to dissuade would be criminals after the recent uptick in airship hijackings.


3. Hendrick - The Prodigy of Zaevia: A graduate of the prestigious University of Zaevia, Hendrick now pioneers new research in steam and electrical power as one of the city's lead engineers.


4. Greysen - The Airship Docking Specialist: Heavily modified with a loading powersuit, Greysen now carries out the critical roles of docking, refueling, and cargo transfers between airships far from city checkpoints. He has also on more than one occasion served as the primary point of defense on larger shipments.


5. Cerelia - The Heir of House Arkwright: Now the head of the largest chemical plant within Zaevia, any proposals in the city's lower industrial zone must first find their way through her.

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Uploaded on March 10, 2019