Reinterred City

1. Between; among
2. In the midst of; within
3. Mutual; mutually
4. Reciprocal; reciprocally

to place in the ground; bury

The burrowing robot is designed to be deployed in urban areas affected by seismic activity. Upon the destruction of the city fabric, the burrowing robot negotiates through the unstable rubble and solid earth, creating an interred, inhabitable structure from recycled debris. The raw system left behind by the robot provides a basic framework for shelter, infrastructure, and structural stability in an upheaved landscape. The multitude of burrowing robots configure and reconfigure the terrain, slipping through pressure gradients in the rubble and soil by adjusting its flexible body shape and material processing output with the conditions. The resultant system is a landscape of interconnected spaces ready for human colonization. A possible site for the burrowing robot is Mexico City, as the sprawling, low-lying structures with a low level of structural integrity provide a fitting environment worthy of change at the hands of this proposition for robotic construction.
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