Protester with Placard

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    Reproductive rights activist Shelby Knox.

    Find out more about this case and the treatment of rape in the courts at Women's eNews

    N.Y. Case Shows Lenient Treatment of Rapists

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      Enjoy the movement against the microchips implants to the human beings

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      Thanks for making this photo available on a Creative common Licence. I just wanted to let you know I have used it in a blog post which is up at The F Word and incurable hippie blog.

    3. sanjeev-sharma 49 months ago | reply

      I have written an article on the most retrograde judgement given by a court titled Worst Judgement By The Supreme Court and have used this photograph to drive home the point. Thanks.

    4. WeNews 48 months ago | reply

      fabulous! thanks!

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      I have used this picture for a website on sexual health for a school assignment. It isnt finished therefore not published but do you want/need the site url when it is finished?

    6. shopgirl15221373 30 months ago | reply

      If you think a daughter that gets raped should be pressured to have the kid under some ignorant church law then your all crazy that believes this. If the poor woman want's the baby then fine but the first person who says anything pro birth to her after this crime and horrible stuff she went through should be banned from getting within 100 ft. of her until after the birth or abortion. You pro birth people are sick and you all should give up your bodies to rape to prove it's right to have the rapists baby,WHAT? NO TAKERS? THEN shut the hell up!

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