People give us t-shirts. Most of the time they did so because we were one of the sponsors of the event. Or just because they liked us. Or because they did not want to take them back home. They know we will give them away to other people, or sell them and use the money to sponsor other events.

Sometimes we take one or two or three boxes with us, to fill up the car with the other swag when we go to a Perl or otherwise open source event and fill a (part of a) table with piles of t-shirts. The boxes are big and heavy and I would not mind having fewer boxes. And you might be happy with that special t-shirt you were looking for (or that you didn't know you wanted).

Anyway, each of the t-shirts costs 10 euro. The jackets and hoodies cost 25 euro. I took inventory and wrote a blog about it, telling you how you can order one with me.
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