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Crepe Paper Poinsettia Wreath

Kit from the Martha Stewart Crafts line at Michaels.


This was difficult to photograph.


As usual, the kit contained high-quality materials and poor-quality instructions. The crepe paper is quite heavy and double-sided. The kit says it makes 18 poinsettias (9 small and 9 large), but it actually will make a few more if you improvise on the filling for the little balls at the center of the flower as well as the stickers that go on the underside of each poinsettia (I used leftover green paper).


The instructions left out the step where you cut an x into the base of the poinsettia and insert the pip stems through the hole. The instructions also lacked mention of shaping the petals by tugging on the crepe paper.

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Taken on December 1, 2007