citrus peel honey

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    recently some friends returned from a vacation in florida and gifted us with several organic oranges and grapefruits. i saved the peels (let them dry) and wasn't really sure what to do with them.... last night i decided to infuse them in honey.
    it didn't take long for the honey to absorb the citrus flavor after breaking the peels and mushing them around in the jar.

    according to susun weed in "breast cancer? breast health!" citrus peel is a traditional chinese remedy against breast cancer, as well as being generally anti-cancer and antiseptic, relieves congestion and chest pains, heals abscesses, dissolves tumors, relieves menopausal symptoms, and strengthens the immune system.

    her methodolgy for making the honey is to actually bring the honey and peels to a boil, but since we only use raw organic honey, i can't bring myself to boil it and destroy the benefits of raw.

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    1. makeupanid 86 months ago | reply

      It looks really yummy too!
      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. These Days in French Life 86 months ago | reply

      thats a great idea, i love lemon peels. well, lemon anything really. i would love lemon honey and i have a ton of honey, great idea. maybe we should have been eating that fruit cake with the lemon peel in it!

    3. lastbeanburrito 86 months ago | reply

      this looks really lovely. creative idea !

    4. we'moon in the woods 86 months ago | reply

      thanks all!

      riana, do you grow lemon balm or lemon thyme (or lemon basil?)? a honey of any or all of those would not only give a great lemon kick but but super medicinally too

    5. Natures Paparazzi 85 months ago | reply

      YUuuummmm! As my mother in law would say-I feel a cuppa coming on!!!

    6. donkeycart 85 months ago | reply

      That looks great - i've been trying to find purposes for citrus peel, and this is a great one. What i've been doing over the summer (it's baking hot down here in South Australia) is drying orange peels in the sun for use as fire-starters in the winter, but maybe I'll try this one now!

    7. dustpanalley 85 months ago | reply

      I don't like to eat citrus peels, but I love their flavor...this is a great way to get the best of both worlds!

    8. These Days in French Life 85 months ago | reply

      yes, i grow lemon verbana and lemon thyme, but we also have a 4 seasons lemon tree that grandpa is almost successfully killing so i have to go take it away from him before he succeeds!

    9. hardworkinghippy 85 months ago | reply

      This looks really delicious !!

      One day my citrus trees on the back terrace will have enough fruit to do this sort of thing with;;.. :-)

    10. rdhddpoison 85 months ago | reply

      This is a great idea for honey. Like the photo as well :-)
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. we'moon in the woods 85 months ago | reply

      :) thanks everyone!

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