Beach Gallop

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    Beach riding Near Nolton Haven in West Wales on a Perfect August day.

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    1. Welshdan ages ago | reply

      Thank you, coming from someone with such excellent shots as yours, i'm flattered

    2. Butterfly Collector ages ago | reply

      Good photo, wish it was me on the horse though

    3. Maxey ages ago | reply

      I think this is a very nice picture, I think however that a straight horizon would look better.

    4. EssjayNZ ages ago | reply

      Thank you for rating and posting in the 100 Points group.

    5. MJ Mac [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Amazingly sharp capture - this is a difficult thing to do. I would have preferred, however, some kind of motion blur in the background - this would give a sensation of movement - the absolute sharpness of this is actually a slight negative in this case.

      The sloping horizon makes it look a little weird although does help to suggest movement. If you could have frames this as a landscape shot and gotten a lower wantage point, this would be amazing - can you go back next weekend and have another go??? If you could have the subjects at the left side of a landscape frame and show the beach, birds and sea in the background you would have it. Better still, the same shot with the horse at the edge of the waves and capture some splashing water too...

      Rating #1:

      Rated 06 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    6. Welshdan ages ago | reply

      Thanks for your comments Mark, Unfortunately I only visit this place once a year.

      I will bear your comments in mind for this summers shots.

    7. The Josiah [deleted] ages ago | reply

      The strong lines in this are distracting from the subject. Very nice clear capture. However it does not move me.

      Rating #2:

      Rated 5 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    8. Missy2004 ages ago | reply

      Good clear photo. I love the colours but not really the angle.Its still striking though.
      b>Rating #5:

      Rated 07 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    9. MiRea ages ago | reply

      Great potential, needs some rotation. Would suggest if opportunity comes again, dropping to one knee, and bringing the water more in line with the rider and horse.

      Rating #6:

      Rated 7 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    10. pradeep jeganathan ages ago | reply

      lovely sense of motion, and clarity. the composition needs work, and of course straightening will be good.

      Rating #7:

      Rated 6 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    11. redRob13 ages ago | reply

      Great job in freezing the moment. I'd agree totally with Mark's and MiRea's advice about compostion in the future. But well done.

      Rating #8:

      Rated 7 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    12. Mark Twells ages ago | reply

      The top part of the frame is wasted, because it has nothing to do with the horse, and the birds are a distraction. The horse is fine. Maybe make a bit more o fthe reflection on the wet sand with a crop

      Rating #9:

      Rated 7 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    13. Alex Vinter (aka Wam Mosely) ages ago | reply

      Nice moment, possibly more effective from a lower angle with the sea aqurealy in the background.

      Rating #10:

      Rated 7 out of 10 in the 100 Points group.

    14. EssjayNZ ages ago | reply

      Final rating in the 100 Points group is 67 Points.

      Well done!

      Please request entry and publish this photograph in the 60-69 Points group and thank you very much for participating in the 100 Points group.

    15. Edson Momm ages ago | reply

      Nice moment and great photo.

    16. rossboardman ages ago | reply

      Looks cold.

    17. Carmen Lario ages ago | reply

      Bonita imagen!

    18. TheLizardQueen ages ago | reply

      Wonderful she looks SO happy!!!
      I love the way Cobweb is literally OFF the floor, reeally moving!! Great action shot!

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