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B0002689 Neuropeptide receptors in the brain - LP

B0002689 Neuropeptide receptors in the brain - LP

Credit: MRC Toxicology Unit. Wellcome Images

Confocal image of normal brain tissue from the thalamus stained with

antibodies to receptors for orexin (stained red). Orexins are peptide hormones that help keep us awake and alert, and may also stimulate the appetite. They are produced in the hypothalamus and act through their receptors located in the nuclei of cells in many different parts of the brain. The green stain highlights the neurofilaments and the blue stain, the nuclei. A drug called orexin-RA-1 that blocks the action of these receptors is currently under development as a sleeping pill. It may also have the effect of reducing the appetite.

Confocal micrograph

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Taken on July 29, 2011