Running on empty

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    Photographing Mother

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    1. weissfoto 33 months ago | reply

      I posted a photo of a friend on facebook that I had taken 20 years ago. They became so upset that they called me psycho and blocked me. The photo has been here on flickr for 2 years or more.
      I hate facebook X the number of humans using it.. including myself. It's easy to block the past..become Bunny.
      Ya know... I had thought better of posting that image and I had deleted the image about 30 seconds after, but it remained up on facebook even after I took it down.

    2. lorac's 33 months ago | reply

      Yes. I think facebook is too big for human beings because it's like some sort of wierd net that catches our fleeting moments and weather patterns without letting them move along. Any mistake or mistep turns into a bug with a pin through it's abdomen. If the photography page wasn't up, I think I'd delete my FB account again. Maybe there are better ways, since it's not exactly raking in the connections..

    3. lorac's 33 months ago | reply

      This is eerily beautiful and true. I mean, the photograph.

    4. giggie larue 33 months ago | reply

      my granny turned 95 today. she's free of mental impairments and relatively physically healthy. she's a blessing and blessed!

      now my 80 yr. old father on the other hand, the "running on empty" theme is tensely and painfully appropo. hmm, and i don't feel so far behind :-/

      and i agree with the lovely lorac. about the photo i mean. (facebook i loathe, with a passion. it is evil, and we personify it. it is also a governmental conspiracy/tool. beware.)

    5. lorac's 33 months ago | reply

      Happy birthday to your grandmother! Have you photographed her and are they up? Would love to see. I am sorry about your dad..

    6. BklynCherry 33 months ago | reply

      painfully exquisite.

    7. Bklyncherry2 33 months ago | reply

      all the decades in her face, but behind those eyes? what circuitous rabbitholes does the mind disappear down. Your photograph is at once, arresting and frightening.

    8. Monsterindeepsh*t 33 months ago | reply

      one of your best portraits of her, EB. Her lines are like tide pools. What a photograph.

    9. giggie larue 33 months ago | reply

      her surprise party is tomorrow night. (i have photos of her/us from these recent years in my stream.)

      love the way you put that ... yes ...

    10. giggie larue 33 months ago | reply

      but, should you be posting such graphically sexualized photos of your sexy mother?!

      wait, how old were you when you shot that anyway?!
      (crass, i know. sorry. sometimes we can't help ourselves.)

    11. weissfoto 33 months ago | reply

      Are you kidding!!!! Love it!

    12. bootpainter 33 months ago | reply

      what said, absolutely.

    13. GotchaPhoto 33 months ago | reply

      The emotion created in this portrait is incredible. Great pic!

    14. D o m i n i q u e K. 33 months ago | reply

      What an incredible photo, you don't have to say anything, it's clear how she feels.

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