20150206 - Zak Zebra's African Safari
Children’s Musical
3 – 8 Feb 2015
Pentas 2, klpac

The tears of the Crocodile
who weeps in great pain
Must never be captured
and sold for mere gain
For the crocodile’s tears
are more precious than gold
A treasure more precious than gold!
The lyrics above give us a delightful peek into the adventure fun and mayhem about to be unleashed by Zak and her merry band of friends in the foot tapping musical extravaganza! Created by musical genius Nick Choo and Jenny de Rueck from Australia, this musical specially created for children, played to full houses and critical acclaim in the Land Down Under- and now, its Malaysian kids’ turn to join in the safari adventure.
Zak Zebra’s African safari tells the vibrant and exciting story of a plucky band of young animals embarking on a daring adventure to defeat a Big Game Hunter whose sinister plans threaten their home, the Serengeti. By facing their fears and working together, only they can restore freedom for the animals of the African Savannah.

Source : klpac
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