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Another Wee One | by wee3beasties
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Another Wee One

Help Me!


Content not quality, but need I state the obvious? Taken with my smartphone.


Meet the latest rescue staying on the farm. This gorgeous wee boy was found by the family on the side of a country road not far from their farm. They called me, so I headed that way right after Bible study to check out his injuries, stopping by the office for some supplies but not running by home to get my camera. He's a scrawny fellow, but accustomed to humans. Initial guess put him at maybe six weeks, thankfully old enough to be away from his momma albeit not ideal, but his eyes appear to be closer to eight weeks old. Malnutrition may be playing a role in his small size. Obviously, if you look at this quick snap with my smartphone (using a flashlight as I don't use the flash) you can see that he's been through some trauma. There's a full-thickness laceration to the left whisker pad with enough swelling that approximating it would be challenging. The wound appears to be more than 24 hours old, to boot, so no closure at this time. That laceration, however, is a relatively minor injury compared to the degloving that took place on his chin. Imagine taking your lower lip and pulling it all the way down and around your chin, exposing the lower mandible. Amazingly there's no significant fracture to the mandible, thankfully, but there is nonstructural damage from the exposed bone being scraped across some surface (the highway?) at a high rate of speed. He's missing at least one tooth, but the oral cavity overall appears to be in good shape. The sides of the lower lip can be approximated although the left side obviously took the brunt and can easily fall down. Currently there's no way to return the front part to its expected location due to both the swelling and the lack of any remaining tissue that would allow adherence. In fact, there's nothing remaining for tacking the lip down in the front except exposed bone. In other words, this kitten will likely never close his lips another day in his life. However, with that said, he is an incredibly blessed little fellow. The mouth works and he can both drink and eat (although he obviously has pain when he chews). He is neurologically intact, no blown pupils as both are appropriately responsive to light. There's no visible or palpable evidence of fracture to the pelvis or any limb, and his gait is quite good for the scrawny wee one he is.


On my way down to the farm, I came upon a skinny white feline with splotches (I thought calico but couldn't tell) sitting in the middle of the same road where he was found (didn't know it was the road until I arrived and asked about where they found him). She (as I am assuming it was a calico) moved from the middle of the road when I approached. I circled back (a u-ey) rolled down the window and spoke to the critter, but she looked at me and started galloping off with a limp, favoring what appeared to be the right back leg by combining the two back legs to function as one. Tough to gauge at night with only the headlights. I had to abandon trying to get her to go check out this wee one on the farm, and she sadly wasn't in sight when I headed back home. Maybe we'll get her some other day, but certainly appears she'd be much more of a challenge as a wary adult even if she sticks around the road. None of us saw any additional kittens.


I'll plan to head down on Thursday morning again to assess his injuries again (or tomorrow night if my friend is concerned). We'll watch for evidence of infection and work to get that left side of the lower lip approximated. Of course, I'll bring along my camera and take photos of this treasure. . .



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Taken on July 10, 2012