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    I chose Bogart's first shirt to bring out those baby blues.

    I hadn't actually stopped to think that he might end up needing a shirt of some sort when we switched his pain medicine to a patch, but Bogart would not leave the patch alone. Even before we left the vet office, they recommended getting him a shirt, quite possibly a sweatshirt, to cover the patch. So off we went to the local thrift store and picked up three shirts (baby blue, red, and gray) as well as two gray sweatshirts (one zippered, one not). And now Bogart gets to live his life in human clothes. He even already has his first grass stain.

    Somehow I think he'd rather run naked and free.

    [SOOC, f/1.6, ISO 160, shutter speed 1/2000, +2/3 EV]

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    1. Red~Star 23 months ago | reply

      Great idea to put a human top on Bogart so he'd leave the patch alone. Wonderful pics of him wearing how you have it cinched around his chest. It looks like nothing slows him down. Love the pics of him in the tall green grass.

    2. tofu_catgirl 23 months ago | reply

      He looks even more gorgeous then usual in those shirts! But I can imagine he would rather be naked! Lovely shots :)

    3. Trezr 23 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Bogart. He loves you dearly.
      He is such a character.

    4. La Route 23 months ago | reply

      I'm falling in love with this character with or without shirt, it's the eyes!

    5. kkurtz 23 months ago | reply

      such a stylish boy!

    6. Krittergirl 23 months ago | reply

      He is such a stylin' guy with his shirt! I love these shots!!!!! He looks so proud!!!

    7. Me&MyLens 23 months ago | reply

      I LOVE the last shot, Jean! His eyes have always amazed me.

    8. Cats 99 23 months ago | reply

      LOL! I wondered when I saw that thumbnail! What??? He looks great in his new shirt, and though I'm sure he would rather be naked, it isn't that big a burden for him, I'm sure. Once he gets used to it, he might be requesting higher fashion shirts!

    9. plipinski 23 months ago | reply

      May I recommend a light blue and white tie to go with the outfit? ;)) Wonderful,tolerant Bogart!!

    10. Thelma Gatuzzo 23 months ago | reply

      I'm sure he does to be naked and free but he is so cute in blue!

    11. songbirdgirl2001 23 months ago | reply

      His eyes are a glorious stand-out and remind us of the life still remaining inside him!

    12. Northwestkathleen 23 months ago | reply

      Bogart!! What a neat shirt!! Looks so handsome with those baby blues you have!! HUGS boy!!

    13. elyse&dogs 23 months ago | reply

      So cute in his shirt ^_^
      I love his ears!!

    14. Mangini Adalberto & Laura - sorry busy - few time 23 months ago | reply

      I love Bogart!! Whatever shirt he wears he will always be absolutely fantastic!
      Thanks for all what you do for them..

    15. triggrhappy 23 months ago | reply

      i wish he didnt need his shirt but he looks great in it anyway. such a lovely happy dog

    16. HFDLfotografe{Copyrighted} 23 months ago | reply

      #4 expression, wow. All of them are great though.

      I am sure you're right and he'd rather not need the shirt but he does look adorable and personified is more than an apt title as well.

    17. Gabriele Lima 23 months ago | reply

      Beautiful boy!

    18. bikertazza - not around much I'm sorry 23 months ago | reply

      Oh bless him. At least he won't get cold either!

    19. PixieWiggles098 23 months ago | reply

      What a trooper. God bless this boy, it amazes me how tolerant and happy he is!

    20. moodyfan 23 months ago | reply

      Oh, sweet puppy!! He's just adorable!

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