Mohair Tutorial

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    Someone was asking me lots of questions about mohair and asked for a tutorial on how to actually reroot it and everything.... the ones I recommended they didn't find helpful apparently, so I made one for them.

    iamlily, this is your blythe's scalp, it's famous! :P

    So Wedge, how can you do yourself and possibly others out of business?


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    1. artistamenina [deleted] 97 months ago

      WOW!! This is super amazing :D
      The visuals on how to feed the hair through the scalp are fantastic, thanks!! I'm really excited, I ordered my mohair this morning.

    2. wedgeh 97 months ago

      Mmm I should... ach, so many lined up for April too :(

      :D I'm glad it's helpful and yaaay for mohair! Who's getting it?

    3. jefflynne.1elo 97 months ago

      You consistently amaze me at how crafty you are!

    4. wedgeh 97 months ago

      You'll like the next things coming then :P

    5. pbrigitte zombuki 97 months ago

      It's for iamlily?! She owns my Eva! <3 Small world, eh?

    6. artistamenina [deleted] 97 months ago

      I ordered a prima dolly ebony with hopes of giving her a mohair may be tough with the prima, but I'm up for the challenge

    7. wedgeh 97 months ago

      Why would it be tough? Rerooting those is the same :)

    8. sniflet 97 months ago

      Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, wedgeh!!! This is gonna be really helpful for my mohair reroot! You rock!!

    9. wedgeh 97 months ago

      Yeah SBLs are really hard to open, if you ever want any help on that, feel free to ask me :)

      Hooray :)

    10. Cassiopeia's Girlie Parlour 94 months ago

      Thank you so much for posting this wonderful tutorial! Can't wait until my mohair gets here :)

    11. Miss G's Bs 91 months ago

      Hey there, just wanted to say thank you for this tutorial. I'm totally stupid with Flickr but my niece found this as she wanted to do a yarn re-root on my ADG, and she found it to be really helpful! So, grazie!

    12. one fish two fish, red fish blue fish 90 months ago

      i just ordered some mohair to try rerooting my picca-e .... thank you SO much for this! i'm sure it'll come in handy. :D

    13. Sara Colaço (Sara´s Diary) 80 months ago

      Thank you for adding this great tutorial to the group!

    14. *scintillatingdollies* 74 months ago

      What a brilliant tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing this!! ^.^

    15. spookyhaus 72 months ago

      ok how have I never seen this? This is the best tutorial out there.

    16. titchables 64 months ago

      Just found this. You made it look so much simplier to everything else I've read online tonight. Gonna give this a try soon!

    17. fishy. 63 months ago

      Ohhhh bit small is there anyway to make it bigger so I can read it or not?

    18. wedgeh 63 months ago

      There's a link to the big size of it in the description

    19. fishy. 63 months ago

      Ohhh, thanks wedgeh! I'm sorry I can be rather blind sometimes!

    20. purple-princess 56 months ago

      oh my gosh this is awesome!

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