Tiny Wee Gnome

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    This is the little gnome who stands next to my 'Gnomes At Home' calendar.

    He arrived a couple of days ago in a package to Petra, from Mattness :P

    Well, he's either a gnome or the most ultimate dwarf ever.

    1. gracelina. 99 months ago | reply

      lol, he's awesome :p what's he got in his hand? =)

    2. wedgeh 99 months ago | reply

      Some kinda pottery pot blowy thing... lol, no idea :P

    3. Create the Magic 99 months ago | reply

      I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and found a kinder egg gnome and thought of you. I even kept it to send it to you then I realised I don't have your address.

      Haha, gnomes will always mean Wedgeh to me.

    4. wedgeh 99 months ago | reply

      Haha, kickass :D

    5. wedgeh 99 months ago | reply

      Matt called me a moron and said it was Grog :P

    6. pmuellr 93 months ago | reply

      I just saw in your blog that you found my referenced link to one of your pictures from my blog.

      The thanks goes to you for allowing the pictures to be used in the first place. So ... thanks!

      You know, I use a flickr picture in all my blog posts, and specifically only use those without an nc license (I consider my blog at ibm may be considered commercial usage by some). I noticed you changed your license for this picture to now include nc. hmmm ...

    7. wedgeh 93 months ago | reply

      Oh hey just ignore that, consider yourself permitted to use it! I like that it's used. I just need to protect some other stuff at the same time, which is a bit.. in danger... shall we say :P

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