• i love that it looks like this was outlined first, then filled in - Mercedea

classy, isn't it?

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I wish you could tell just how much tape was used to keep this up.

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  1. poohsflickr 88 months ago | reply

    Why didn't I see this on the ACPL blog?


  2. mstephens7 88 months ago | reply

    This is wonderful!

  3. merenner 88 months ago | reply

    Wow. Who's the artist? How embarrassing for ACPL!

  4. mstephens7 88 months ago | reply

    Wait...is this real? or a joke?

  5. lightweaver 88 months ago | reply

    someone should lift this writing and design a rockin' new font called "broken elevator".

  6. ex.libris 87 months ago | reply

    I'm hoping some nine year old had a stroke of genius, drew this sign, and put it on a perfectly functional elevator. Because they should win some sort of prize if they thought of that themselves.

  7. nofi 87 months ago | reply

    David Carson strikes again.

  8. webchicken 87 months ago | reply

    mstephens - This is not a joke. This sign was actually placed on a broken elevator. I replaced the sign with a word-processed one, but not before taking a shot for evidence. I was too afraid to look on the upper floor.

    poohsflickr and mekiser - this is just a random library... *hands in pockets, whistling* I never mentioned any names...

    lightweaver - I love the font idea. I like the pen outline and sharpie semi-fill-in.

    ex.libris - I thought the same thing.

    nofi - I didn't know who David Carson was, and while researching, found the intro page to his Web site was perfect!

  9. Kay Graphic 87 months ago | reply

    internal dialog of sign maker:
    "Hmm, people keep pushing the button, nothing happens."
    "I guess I should make a sign, because I'm a concerned and helpful person."
    *pen dies*
    "Rrrr, hate that when it happens!"
    *finds new pen*
    *new pen dies*

  10. mstephens7 87 months ago | reply

    ok...would it freak you out if I used this in a talk? Not identifying the random library ... whistling...hands in pockets...

  11. webchicken 87 months ago | reply

    No, wouldn't freak me out at all. It's CC, baby! Use away, please!

  12. merenner 87 months ago | reply

    And anyway, ACPL stands for Awesome Crayola Pen Literacy!

  13. librarycarly 87 months ago | reply

    Looks like it was done with a calligraphy brush. Very Zen.

  14. elizabethgrimm 72 months ago | reply

    This is as bad as my husband's handwriting -- and that is bad (he is unable to read most of what he writes).

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