"Dancing at Lughnasa" photos
Weathervane Playhouse presents Brian Friel's Tony Award-winning drama, "Dancing at Lughnasa" -- live on stage at Weathervane Playhouse in Akron, Ohio, from March 1 to 18, 2012.

Directed by Katherine Burke

In Celtic folklore, Lughnasa is an annual harvest festival marking the end of the summer growing season and the start of the fall harvest. In this moving drama, the festival is in full swing in rural Ireland in 1936. Dancing and laughing through their tears, the five unmarried Mundy sisters of county Donegal embrace a life filled with equal amounts of happiness and heartbreak.

For more information, visit www.weathervaneplayhouse.com/dancing-at-lughnasa-2012-03-01

The Cast of "Dancing at Lughnasa"

Kate Mundy -- Dede Klein

Maggie Mundy -- Brenda Redmond

Agnes Mundy -- Kayla McDonald

Rose Mundy -- Hannah Storch

Christine Mundy -- Kelsey Hamilton

Jack Mundy -- Sid Freeman

Gerry Evans -- Zach Griffin

Michael Evans -- Joe Dunn

(All photos in this Flickr set were shot for Weathervane Playhouse by Scott Diese.)
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