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Carbon Fast 2012. March 2nd - Action: ' energy monitor'

We borrowed an energy monitor from Ruth and Aaron for this action. After having a couple of blonde moments when reading the instruction manual, we got it connected to our electricity meter and reset it to track our usage. And let's just say we spent the rest of the evening in darkness! Being aware of how much money it costs just having an energy-saving light on - or even worse, boiling the kettle - is real motivation for cutting down on electricity usage. We keep running back to the monitor in the hallway to see how much things like the bathroom extractor fan are costing us!


We just want to mention the action for 29th February - we haven't forgotten about it or ignored it. It's not something that's easy to take a picture of! The action for that day was: 'choose one carbon action and stick to it for four years - until the next leap year'. We are giving this action a lot of thought, because realistically if we are sticking to something for four years, we won't then stop doing it, but hopefully continue to take that action indefinitely. It is likely to be a lifestyle choice for us (at least that is how we've interpreted it - obviously it will be different for everyone!). When we've decided what this action will be, we will document it.


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To join in with the Carbon Fast or for more details, visit Tearfund Carbon Fast.


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Taken on March 4, 2012