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For she is the storm | by Wealie
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For she is the storm

On 7 May 2011 a beautiful storm visited Salisbury and inspired me to create poetry and paintings.


This pictures the storm as an entity, a force of nature and an incarnation of the goddess. The moment the storm was over I sketched the outline that would eventually become this painting. You can see the original sketch on my blog post Born Under A Storm.


Size: 40 x 50 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


The Storm also inspired the piece below:





She felt the presence long before she consciously understood. Something called up from deep within her – dormant electricity brought forth into being with only a thought, brightening the very blood within her veins to sing in anticipation.


Alive with power, glowing with effervescence and a pure spark of life, she stepped out into the world no longer entirely a part of it. The wind’s whispers grew into a loving caress, promising the birth of magic to come. Brooding clouds crowded about her, transforming her into an ethereal form. The very weather itself courted her like an attentive lover – framing her like an ancient goddess among men.


And then she knew; knew her storm was calling her home. So long since last they communed, too long since she was filled with the ancient power in her veins and blessed with the mighty kiss of the storm’s tears. So long since she had been absolved of all earthly bounds and shame.


“Come,” she plaintively called

“Come to me,” she breathlessly heaved

“Breathe new life into my tired soul.

Imbue these wizened veins with the elixir of your simple truth.

Release my true self and I will be your earthly emissary.”


And so her storm came, rushing over, under, around and through her – flooding her system with cleansing power, covering her with tears of joy as it sung her thunderous praises, ecstatically lighting up the sky with the excitement of their reunion. Woman and storm converged in sorcerous communion, her earth bound spirit set free, birthed anew in the tender love of her mighty Mother Storm.


With regretful motion the two were parted, neither knowing when next they would converge as one. But always within they carry a vital element of the other, so that they might always find each other across the long oceans of time and the lost, lonely valleys of each day and night. For in truth they can never truly be parted.


Ruth Weal

7 May 2011 1.10 am


For Mother Storm, until we meet again I am ever your earthbound daughter



Written during a beautiful Summer Storm


Copyright R.Weal 2011© all rights reserved


Now the subject of my blog post Born Under A Storm on Wealie's World.


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Taken on May 24, 2011