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me just dancing in my back yard | by looking4something*beautiful*
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me just dancing in my back yard

grand jete. laid out.



dance is the expression of emotion through the rhythm of a song and the beat of your heart pounding rapidly together in perfect harmony. It tells a story of who you are more than you could ever translate into words. From the quiet, intimate moments where the audience can hear your heavy breathing, to the graceful moments when you land without a sound, to the graceful moments when you land without a sound, to the moments when you are moving rapidly across the floor and then spinning on your head as the crowd roars, to the glorious moments when you are acknowledged for your outstanding performance, to the moments you have teaching your friends.

Dance means hard work. You can strive for perfection but will never please everyone. It is not the tights, shoes, and leotards that define a dancer, but the attitudes, coordination, heart, and dedication.

Dance was one of the earliest forms of communication. It is a way for all cultures to be connected and it brings us together. Dance is religious, ceremonial, traditional, and communal but at the same time, is a ground breaking, earth shattering, and unique sense of freedom and individualism.

Dance is a sport, regardless of what others say: we have the strength, muscle, and wounds to prove it. From dancing in your room to dancing on a stage, dance is like a poem: you can either choose to keep it to yourself or share it to the world. But, if you show it to the world, you can change not only your life but others, as well! :)

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Taken on September 14, 2007