Bhutan 2009
I visited Bhutan for the month of May 2009 with the intention of completing the fabled Snowman Trek. Halfway through our journey, we learned that heavy snow in the high elevations of the more remote areas would make it impossible to continue.

We then completed the Laya/Gasa trek, and spent the remaining two weeks on a cultural tour that resulted in us seeing a great deal of the country, and experiencing a variety of unexpected events and dangers.

I would struggle to adequately describe the trip; I could easily use words such as "amazing", and "wonderful", but these (and even my pictures) cannot capture what I experienced. I hope they can at least provide a glimpse.

I took all pictures without the aid of a tripod, as I could not afford the weight, nor did I have the space in a bag. I relied on the vibration reduction in the lens to provide some stabilisation.

If the idea of trekking Bhutan intrigues you, check out the company I booked through: Canadian Himalayan Expeditions, or contact my guide in Bhutan with questions.
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