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1996 Porsche 993 GT1 002 or 003 car: 03 00 mid Interior Mobile 1 GT1 Cockpit From Passenger Side | by wbaiv
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1996 Porsche 993 GT1 002 or 003 car: 03 00 mid Interior Mobile 1 GT1 Cockpit From Passenger Side

The original photo here is NOT my work. I've cleaned it up and marked-off the parts in the cockpit, so my claim is that this is a derivative work and fair-use. I plan to remove the white spots and junk all over the image


Note doorway X frames are painted black. All the customer cars delivered from 1997 and on have white X frames. The 1997 GT1-Evo cars also have white X frames.


The big, black, cable, draped over the passenger side X frame is external power, plugged into the car with a standard connector. Sensor inputs and spark and fuel injection outputs to and from the TAG 3.8 engine management box are visible between the X frame and the gear-shift linkage.


The large power cables for the battery/alternator/starter run fore and aft right inside the door jamb, and a lot of small cables for the chassis too. ABS sensors, instrument panel inputs and exterior lights, console switch outputs, and in-car data capture are also in the bundle just inside the door. The carbon-fiber box is said to be a computer. The shiny metal cylinder between the computer box and the gear-shift is a driver drink holder.


Note red, 6 point, seat belt system. The two lap belts have yellow pads to protect the driver. Shoulder belts hang free over the seat, the two crotch belts are in the seat or on the floor.


The throttle cable is the same kind of yellow-outside Bowden cable that externally controls the adjustable anti-roll bars, fore and aft. Its connected in a straight line from the the accelerator pedal to the engine throttle bar. Push the pedal and the throttle bar across the top of the engine rotates, which pulls on a linkage that rotates butterfly valves more open.


Note the little shelf for mounting a video camera at the back wall of the cockpit.


Turbo supercharger is in lower left corner. Left-most is the exhaust turbine, its casing heavily oxidized by running literally red hot. Moving to the right, we have oil-lines for the two turbine units, then the compressor turbine, driven by the exhaust turbine, and finally, the air box, wrapped in reflective foil to keep engine heat away from incoming air. The intake restrictors mandated by race organizers are inside the air boxes, feeding the turbo compressor




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Uploaded on June 23, 2020