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Opportunity awaits....

I know you're not a phychic...but I sense THAT this means I didn't do well on my date ... so I may have to chuck my wagon tonight. Know what I mean? I have to find someone to Battle the Cyclops with. Someone to Ax the timber. Some gal to Anger the cobra or find a little five on one action or Bake cream cakes with; Bash the bishop; Beat the morning wood; Beat the red-headed cock-eyed woodpecker with; Ben his Franklin; Bitch-slapping his stomper; Choke his chicken; you know? Choke the sheriff and wait for the posse; Crank the one-eyed yogurt thrower; Date Pamela HANDerson; Dr. Spankenstein Time; Erupt old faithful; Fight one-eyed Willy; do the Five knuckle shuffle; Fondle the frankfurter; Giving Kojak the third degree; Greet Mr. Happy; some Hand, dick co-ordination; Hold your sausage hostage; Increase the surface temperature of the ship's primary cannon using rapid linear motion; some Jack the beanstock; Jingle the Pringles; Magic your Johnson; Make love to Miss Michigan; Mangle the moose; Massage your clovers; Meet Mother Palm and her five daughters; Milk the one eyed jeans snake; Oil the barber pole; Pet the one-eyed gopher; Play the skin Banjo; Polish the dolphin; Pop the top off the Champaign bottle; Pull Nixon's nose; Pulling your Yankee Doodle; Put Mr. Kleenex's kids through college; Relish up the hot dog; Rough up the suspect; Shake hands with Mr Peeper; Shine the helmet; Shoot for pearls; Slap little Johnny behind the German helmet; Spank the money; Squeeze a few rounds off on the pump action shotgun; Stain the mitt; Stroke the puppy; Tackling the totem; Tantalizing your toboggan; Making the tissue the issue; Visit the petting zoo; Whack the Chalupa; Wrestle with the one eyed champ; Torture little know? Start the lawnmower .... Squeeze the lizard....IF you catch my drift.


Ahhhh what am I saying...I had no chemistry. Need to have a buzz with her. Tonight.... there wazz no buzz. No 'b'. No 'uzz'. Knaw'mean?

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Taken on April 14, 2006