~ The Kafkaesque Express

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    “your ticket, please.”

    i look up from my glass of Hiram Walker whiskey
    & see the conductor. i am sitting in the bar car
    on the Hiram Bingham train that runs through
    the Sacred Valley of the Incas. a tale of two hirams.

    “i’m afraid i don’t have one,” i say. “there was no one
    in the booth back at the station when I got on.”

    “we’ll have to take this up
    with the Railway Commissioner,” says the conductor.

    “can’t i just pay you?” i ask.

    “is that a bribe?”

    “no, no, i was just saying, … well,
    do i get some kind of a trial?”

    “you are quite right … a trial. you may object
    that the entire procedure is not a trial at all,” says
    the conductor. “for it is only a trial if i recognize
    it as such,” he continues. “but for the moment,
    i do recognize it, on grounds of compassion, as it were,
    if one is to regard it at all.”

    “your procedures are contemptible,” i say.

    “the right of understanding any procedure
    and a misunderstanding of the same procedure
    do not wholly exclude each other,” he replies.

    “so when do i get see the Railway Commissioner?”

    “i am the Railway Commissioner.”

    “so you’re both prosecutor and executioner?” i ask.

    “well, you know, what with the recession and all,
    we’ve had to cut back on staff and double up on duties.”

    “not guilty,” i say.

    “we’ve met before, haven’t we?” asks the conductor,
    ignoring my plea.

    “i don’t think so … why … what’s your name?” i ask.

    “call me K”

    “okay,” i reply.

    “not OK, just K.”


    “it’s just K, got it?

    “right … er … just K,” i say.

    “okay,” says K.

    “so it is OK?” i ask.

    “no, i was just saying okay,” answers K.

    “well, … K … , maybe i should just get off the train.”

    “it’s possible. but not at the moment.”

    “why?” i ask.

    “because from a certain point onward there is no return.
    that is the point that must be reached,” K tells me.

    “look, i’m getting impatient here.
    how far is it to the point of no return?”

    “all human errors are impatience,
    the premature breaking off of what is methodical,
    an apparent fencing in of the apparent thing.
    and besides, this is only Urubamba.”

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    1. Thomas Boblett [deleted] 56 months ago | reply


    2. Bgrax [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      Till Stalin has him erased.


    3. thomasloevring.dk 56 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is amazing! Really great photo!
      Thanks for sharing!

      My Photostream


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    4. maree. 56 months ago | reply

      i would hate to argue a case against you!

    5. Blasq 56 months ago | reply

      Great portrait!, absolutely stunning

    6. Ana.Caldas 56 months ago | reply

      Brilliant but i never have words ... !

    7. Phoen 56 months ago | reply

      I saw the photo and just thought: Kafka.

      Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er sich in seinem Bett zu einem ungeheueren Ungeziefer verwandelt.

    8. nashalina schrape 56 months ago | reply

      i could look at the shadows, light and shapes for hours

    9. Mackeson 56 months ago | reply

      ... we were standing in that little area by the doors,
      where you pass from one train car to the next ...

    10. AntonioArcos aka fotonstudio 56 months ago | reply

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      of our administrators for the 208° ArtLibre selection.
      Thank you for sharing this wonder with us :)
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    11. Groucho5 56 months ago | reply

      I like the simplicity and lack of posing in the portrait.You have a good eye and a great way of working with people.

    12. Lost Luggage 55 months ago | reply

      this is a beautiful portrait, I love his expression and unease in front of the camera

    13. i_still_believe_in_u 55 months ago | reply

      you are my very personal bw

    14. ▲Billy Plummer 53 months ago | reply

      yes. feels very Latin AND very Kafkaesque at the same time. neat

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