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~ We Now Continue With Our Piano Interlude (Grover's Mill)

ladies and gentlemen

due to circumstances beyond our control

we are unable to continue the broadcast from grover’s mill

evidently there's some difficulty with our field transmission


we will return to that point at the earliest opportunity

in the meantime

we have a late bulletin from san diego, california.

professor indellkoffer

speaking at a dinner of the california astronomical society

expressed the opinion that the explosions on mars

are undoubtedly nothing more than severe volcanic disturbances

on the surface of the planet

we now continue with our piano interlude


“the war of the worlds”

columbia broadcasting system

orson wells

mercury theatre on the air


8 p.m.

october 30, 1938


kodak e100vs

color slide film

zero image 69

pinhole camera

shot at a stop light

through the windshield

of my truck


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Taken on March 7, 2008