The Hague Dec 2019 - ASP Side Event
The Wayamo Foundation hosted a side event at the 18th Assembly of States Parties to interrogate and debate the timing and duration of decision-making at the International Criminal Court. The event, ‘It's about time – revisiting the timing and duration of decision-making at the International Criminal Court’ took place on 3 December 2019 at the World Forum.

The event featured:
• Christian Wenaweser, Permanent Representative of Liechtenstein to the United Nations
• Elizabeth Evenson, Associate Director, International Justice Program, Human Rights Watch
• Shehzad Charania, MBE, Director of the UK Attorney General’s Office and International
• Lorraine Smith Van Lin, Post-conflict justice adviser, REDRESS

Participants explored a number of themes, including: how to take maximum advantage of the unique time period afforded by preliminary examinations to encourage and effectuate national justice for international crimes; how the timing of prosecutorial decisions can be made more strategically coherent, in order to enhance the impact of the OTP’s investigations and warrants; the question of whether geopolitics may influence decisions at the ICC; how the Chambers can increase the efficiency of proceedings and the clarity of their decision-making; how the timing of the ICC’s strategic communications could better articulate its aims and purposes and; the advisability of setting deadlines for decisions at the ICC.

The event was co-hosted by the governments of Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and the UK.
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