Arusha November 2018 - Network meeting
On Monday, 26 November, the Directors of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and Directors of Criminal Investigations (DCI), of Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda met for a network meeting organized by the Wayamo Foundation. This marked the fourth time that this network has been convened.

The network has three main functions: (1) to serve as a mechanism for exchanging knowledge, sharing policies, tools, templates and guidelines on topics such as witness protection, witness interviewing, arrest and extradition; (2) to enhance the working relationship between police and prosecutors during the course of investigations; and, (3) to be an avenue for regional and cross- border collaboration and mutual legal assistance for international and transnational criminal cases.

Following the first three successful and fruitful Network Meetings in Arusha (June 2017), Kigali (November 2017), and Nairobi (March 2018), this gathering represented an opportunity to consolidate the Network. As such, it offered a forum for participants to work on the Network’s 2019 strategy, concretise roles and responsibilities, and operationalise the Network.
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