Nairobi February 2018 - International Justice Symposium
Bringing together key stakeholders, renowned experts and leading practitioners, the Wayamo Foundation and the Africa Group for Justice and Accountability (AGJA) convened a public symposium in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 February, entitled “Networks of Accountability: Justice for International and Transnational Organised Crimes.”

Within the framework of its “Fighting Impunity in East Africa” project, an initiative funded
by the German Foreign Ministry, Wayamo organises judges retreats, workshops for investigators and prosecutors in international criminal justice and transnational organised crime, as well as public outreach activities.

The objectives of the Symposium were to discuss the status of international criminal justice, analyse transnational organised crimes, and explore the linkages between the two sets of crimes. The Symposium was followed by a training session for investigators and prosecutors from East Africa, a network meeting for Directors of Public Prosecution and Heads of Criminal Investigations from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya, as well as a special media component for journalists from the region.
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