Berlin May 2018 - International criminal justice: element of the peace order
On 15 May 2018, the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtige Amt) organised a panel discussion entitled: "International criminal justice: element of the peace order".

After almost 25 years of activity, the Yugoslavia Criminal Court ended its work at the end of 2017. Other international courts are prosecuting peoples' crimes in Cambodia, Lebanon, Kosovo and many other countries. These courts, together with other international institutions, national prosecutors and non-governmental organizations, are working intensively to promote the rule of law and allow traumatized societies to move away from armed conflict to a stabilized post-conflict situation. Also, the current war in Syria and the multiple use of chemical weapons call for a strong signal that there can be no impunity for those responsible for war crimes.

The experts discussed the possibilities of international criminal justice in the fight against impunity, as well as the challenges it faces on a daily basis. In addition, the possibilities of other forms of the processing and punishment of international criminal offenses were discussed.

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