Kigali November 2017 - International Justice Symposium
International crimes, domestic Justice
Accountability and capacity building in East Africa.

Bringing together key stakeholders, renowned experts and leading practitioners, the Wayamo Foundation and the Africa Group for Justice and Accountability convened a public symposium in Kigali, Rwanda on 21 November, entitled “International Crimes, domestic justice – Accountability and capacity building in East Africa”. The event was co-hosted by prosecutor General Mutangana, and by CG Gasana, Inspector General of Rwanda National Police.
Within the framework of its “Fighting Impunity in East Africa” project, which is funded by the German Foreign Ministry, Wayamo will be organising judge retreats, workshops for investigators and prosecutors in international criminal justice and transnational organised crime, and public outreach activities. Wayamo will also be seeking to build diplomatic and political collaboration with key regional and international stakeholders.
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