FDR Expressway, the East River, Triboro Bridge, Hell Gate Bridge. Is that Theo Kojak driving one of these 70s beauties? Hey, who loves ya, baby! New York. March 1975

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    I would LOVE to have the original 110 film negative, but it's in the 10% or so that can no longer be found. This is a scan from the original color print with rounded corners.


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    1. wavz13 50 months ago | reply

      Yes, the roadway hardware has all been upgraded since 1975 to current highway standards. Unfortunately, when New York's highways were designed by Robert Moses in the 30s and 40s, he never planned on cars stalling out! None of these roads have shoulders of any kind. Great planning, Bob!

    2. trecrowns 50 months ago | reply

      In those days, people could do their own car repairs, if necessary. Now with all the computers operating the cars, they have to go to the shop!

      I love this pic for the memories, but shows how things can change, but stay the same even in a big city.

    3. wavz13 50 months ago | reply

      I used to enjoy tinkering with my carburator and setting the timing and idle speed when I got my first car, a Pinto, in 1976. I don't even know what half of the black boxes under my hood are anymore. This I'll say about the new cars - they are virtually maintenance free compared to what we used to drive and handle SO MUCH better!

      This photo has to be one of the few I've seen where not a whole has changed in Manhattan between then and now.

    4. trecrowns 50 months ago | reply

      Agreed on the cars!

    5. Guy with the camera 50 months ago | reply

      Sounds just like it is today some 31 yrs later.

    6. Hear It Snap 49 months ago | reply

      I just can't drive any car that doesn't have chrome bumpers!

    7. wavz13 49 months ago | reply

      Ha Ha! Then, isn't your choice in cars kind of limited these days?

    8. Hear It Snap 49 months ago | reply

      That's for sure. You can see two of my babies on my photostream ("My Little Fire Brigade"). The Caprice lost its metal bumpers when it was redesigned for 1991, and the Tahoe...well, I suppose 1998 will be as "late model" as I'll ever get. I just feel that life's too short to drive a boring vehicle. Of course, it gets kinda costly to keep fuel in those old barges, but if worse comes to worse, I can get a '63 Nova with a straight six and still have a cool car!

    9. wavz13 49 months ago | reply

      The last car I had with a chrome bumper was my very first car - a 1972 Pinto which I bought used in 1976 after High School graduation. It was tan with a brown vinyl roof (luxury!) and even had air conditioning. You had to turn off the air to make it up long hills, though. As my first car, man did I take good care of it, waxing it and washing it a lot. It would be REALLY cool to still have, but alas, it's long gone to automotive heaven (or molecules of it are recycled into a new Lexus somewhere). My current daily driver is a black 1998 Accord which I've had since day 1 and have kept in "near mint" shape. I finally broke down and ordered some "blingy" rims for it last week. They should be arriving any day now and I'm really looking forward to mounting them on old faithful.

    10. mcmsdmike 47 months ago | reply

      thats in front of ann marie's apt from that girl

    11. wavz13 47 months ago | reply

      Haha. Donald!! Oh, Donald!
      Hey, here's a bit of trivia... what upstate New York town did Ann Marie's parents live in?

    12. mcmsdmike 47 months ago | reply

      i just watched it i know wonder if any one else does

    13. wavz13 47 months ago | reply

      I haven't seen the show in over 40 years... but still remember the answer. Tip: it starts with "BR".

    14. monteguy215 41 months ago | reply

      Where I live !

    15. wavz13 41 months ago | reply

      Yes! Very good. Happy Thanksgiving to you up in Brewster!

    16. Wanderlinse 35 months ago | reply

      Your picture is welcome in the group CHEAP cameras GOOD pictures

    17. SurreyWanderer 15 months ago | reply

      Really enjoying going through these great pics which I've only just discovered. Thanks (belatedly) for posting them. Btw, second car coming towards us looks like a Porsche 914...

    18. wavz13 15 months ago | reply

      I'm glad you're having a good time with them. That little sportscar could very well be a Porsche. Is the lead car an AMC Matador?

    19. SurreyWanderer 15 months ago | reply

      Not sure - Detroit iron is not my strongpoint but I'll check it out....

      Doesn't look like it - single headlights so not first series and no room for indicators between the headlights and the grille so probably not second series either.

    20. wavz13 15 months ago | reply

      OK, thanks for checking... it just reminded me of a mid 70s AMC. If I still had the original negative of this photo, it would be a lot clearer than this scan of the matte-surface print.

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