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    1. Fleur De Lisa ages ago | reply

      An unusual format for you but this works so well!

    2. sheryl stephen / WaveOfModulation ages ago | reply

      Thanks, Lisa.
      You must be sensitive to change? :)

      I really like this one and I am thoroughly enjoying making diptychs!

      I think I've always been fascinated by symmetry, and especially near-symmetry. Though I don't think it is a higher level aesthetic, I think the human eyes/brain responds to symmetry in interesting ways.

      Back in college I went through a phase where I painted/pressed thousands of rohrshach-like drawings. Like these:

    3. Fleur De Lisa ages ago | reply

      I am sensitive to change and rather observant to odd details.

      Rorschach blots fascinated me when I was younger. I'd spend hours looking through various books containing them. The first time I saw the video to Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" I was entranced by the evolving ink blots.

      Your drawings are fascinating.

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