How my iPhone almost killed me

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    Or, how to kill yourself with an iPhone.

    Step 1. Purchase an iPhone. I'd recommend the more valuable one as that will make you more willing to risk life for it.

    Step 2. Gain access to a treadmill.

    Step 3. Use said iPhone while using treadmill.

    Step 4. When your iPhone magically slides off the stand, hits the treadmill and rockets off behind you, make SURE to follow it's trajectory with your head, not just your eyes.

    Step 5. If you've completed step 4 correctly you should now be facing sideways on the treadmill instead of forward. Your head should also be cranked completely around behind you. The position of your body will lead to you being completely off balance. Let the treadmill do the rest.

    Step 6. Your feet should fly out from under you and if your head is still facing backwards you should land flat on your back on the treadmill. It will then proceed to rocket you backwards.

    Step 7. This is of UTMOST importance. You will only stay airborne for a quick second and when you come down, the back of the treadmill will strike somewhere on your body. Make SURE it hits you DIRECTLY in the spine.

    Step 8. You should now have a broken spine. If not, repeat. Or, you might just end up blogging about how you ended up with a wicked pressure burst on your back.

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    1. studio_guy2001us 93 months ago | reply

      iphones should be banned. look at the problems they have caused already.
      first make them illegal to operate while you are the driver of a motor vehicle.
      if texting continues while driving...the iphone should self destruct.

    2. elahnz 93 months ago | reply

      Why were you jogging with your iphone anyway? showing off I guess.
      Next time focus on burning carbs, not looking like a wanker.

    3. Eric Hamilton 93 months ago | reply

      Dude. You're awesome.

    4. jasnils 93 months ago | reply

      One funny story, still laughing... step 4 through 6 are just fabulous :)

      Sorry about your experience, but let me tell you same thing applies to a US$ 1,100.- Nokia N95 Smartphone. Of course the photos you take will be slightly better and you would be able to send to friends via MMS.

    5. Love Street Photography (Melanie) 93 months ago | reply

      this totally makes me hurt! hope you're feeling better....

    6. travass216 93 months ago | reply

      #1. It hurt, a lot.

      #2. The phone survived! Luckily I have a sweet Incase rubber case on it. Not a scratch.

      #3. I'm healing.

      #4. I was listening to music with headphones on while jogging on the treadmill. I really have no clue how it fell off the little console on the treadmill but when it did, MAGIC!!!

    7. ncnickel 93 months ago | reply

      wow travis only you man, only you!

      absolutely pricessless

    8. tinkster23 [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      This is what posing does to you.

    9. TriangleJuice 93 months ago | reply


    10. Spiraling 93 months ago | reply

      Dude, yikes. Though it reminds me of when I was on an elliptical machine with my mp3 player and nearly died trying to catch it when it fell off. I didn't have anything more than a bruise to my pride and my mp3 player worked fine.

    11. AiYahh 93 months ago | reply


      Sorry you got hurt buddy. I've had similar experiences with my Ipod, so I'm not surprised. lucky for me, I never fell down. I just stepped to the non-moving sides and picked up my Ipod, which the treadmill had delivered straight to the floor.

      Not a bad situation really, the treadmill itself is bouncy and the distance from the treadmill to the floor is a few inches. So no damage on the Ipod.

    12. leoparddude 93 months ago | reply

      OUCH! Wonder what Steve would say. I noticed that you tagged it "idiot" and "jackass".

    13. ales_partyzan 91 months ago | reply

      why didn't you use something like this ?

    14. chipnip 88 months ago | reply

      iPhone Freaks
      You are invited to add this image to iPhone Freaks

    15. astonkke 86 months ago | reply

      Poor iPhone! :(

      I hope it's all fine!

    16. Andy Pr 81 months ago | reply

      Hope you feel better... sadly I would have done the same for an iPhone if had the chance! ;¬) .roflmao

    17. ~Jany~ 80 months ago | reply

      Holy shit, that looks brutal!! I am not going to touch my iphone when I am on the treatmill from now on! Hope the gym wasn't to full when this happenend!! Reminds me of this clip

    18. emilyturtleton 56 months ago | reply

      Just one of the many reasons my dad hates iphones...

    19. travass216 56 months ago | reply

      oh for f*#k sake. They're not hatable. They're a perfect compliment to an Android phone. They're just as good but they do things a bit different.

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