Tough Mudder SoCal#2
July 6-7, 2012

Completed my Tough Mudder SoCal tour hitting up both the Temecula TM in February and this last TM in Snow Valley. The hills climbed at Snow Valley were brutal. It's like going snowboarding but without the snow, the lifts... Ah hell! It's nothing like snowboarding. It's the exact opposite. Instead of riding down the mountain, we climbed it. We were our own lifts up the mountain and our reward when we reached the top is we get to walk it back down and start all over again. Having said all that, I had a great time being miserable together with my Bahn Mud team (Mud Cakes in vietnamese).

My GoPro camera's memory card filled up halfway through the course. So I missed all the juicy obstacles at the end. Sucks, but I'm just gonna have to make do with what I got. Footage coming soon.
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