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Light curve of SN 2009ip during 2012 outburst

CV and V photometry. This light curve is updated about every two days.


Blue points are CV determined from the FITS files of the Siding Spring images through CRTS SNHunt. This begins with a point determined from the July 24, 2012 image in which the renewed activity of this object was discovered. www.flickr.com/photos/watchingthesky/7641717278


My photometric determinations from these data are slightly fainter than that published by CRTS as different methods were used.


Red points are V from ATel 4416.

Maroon point is V from ATel 4414.

Green point is from ATel 4430

Black points are my CV and V. These were mostly taken remotely through iTelescope.net. A few of the points are with my own equipment.


photometric sequence: www.flickr.com/photos/watchingthesky/8037678412

VizieR: vizier.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR


Thus far with a peak of 13.75V around October 5 that makes SN 2009ip peak at an absolute magnitude of -17.8 based upon a distance of 20.4 Mpc.


Latest professional papers on this object: arxiv.org/find/all/1/all:+AND+SN+2009ip/0/1/0/all/0/1


Update November 28, 2012. 16.19V +/- 0.05. JD = 2456260.56684. Light curve the past few days appears very erratic. Tonight I ran a time series with my equipment. It is suggestive of something happening on shorter time scales: www.flickr.com/photos/watchingthesky/8228034263


Update December 10, 2012. Unfiltered imaged yielded 17.0CV +/- 0.02. JD = 2456272.53731


Update October 31, 2013. Revised LC to show the two events from 2012. Object has faded considerably at 19.7CV on October 31, 2013.


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Taken on December 10, 2012