Light curve of SN 2009ip during 2012 outburst

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    CV and V photometry. This light curve is updated about every two days.

    Blue points are CV determined from the FITS files of the Siding Spring images through CRTS SNHunt. This begins with a point determined from the July 24, 2012 image in which the renewed activity of this object was discovered.

    My photometric determinations from these data are slightly fainter than that published by CRTS as different methods were used.

    Red points are V from ATel 4416.
    Maroon point is V from ATel 4414.
    Green point is from ATel 4430
    Black points are my CV and V. These were mostly taken remotely through A few of the points are with my own equipment.

    photometric sequence:

    Thus far with a peak of 13.75V around October 5 that makes SN 2009ip peak at an absolute magnitude of -17.8 based upon a distance of 20.4 Mpc.

    Latest professional papers on this object:

    Update November 28, 2012. 16.19V +/- 0.05. JD = 2456260.56684. Light curve the past few days appears very erratic. Tonight I ran a time series with my equipment. It is suggestive of something happening on shorter time scales:

    Update December 10, 2012. Unfiltered imaged yielded 17.0CV +/- 0.02. JD = 2456272.53731

    Update October 31, 2013. Revised LC to show the two events from 2012. Object has faded considerably at 19.7CV on October 31, 2013.

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