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SN 2009ip photometry sequence

Using the remote image taken from T5 of iTelescope.net, comparison stars from the UCAC4 are labelled.


Update October 5, 2012 at 10:00PM Central Daylight Time. Viewed the field with the 17.5-inch for at least 30 minutes ending around 9:45PM. Forecast was for mostly clouds skies, but it cleared off though more are on the way. Supernova was viewed at both 182x and 380x. Despite being barely 20 degrees up the supernova was easy with averted vision and could barely be seen directly. It's brightness lay between the 13.048V and 13.907V stars to the east and southeast. The latter star could not be seen directly. Estimate the supernova at magnitude 13.5. The 15.516V star to the northwest of the bright star in the field could be seen with only moderate difficulty. At 380x NGC 7259 was an irregularly round oval that was uniformly bright and nearly 1' across. The supernova lies off the northeastern end. PGC 68726 was suspected as at times the area around the 14.957V star seemed nebulous.

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Uploaded on September 30, 2012