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    This is an update to a post that I made earlier in the day about an incident on friday.
    Original post:

    This photo was taken this afternoon just outside the chain-linked fence of my townhouse complex. I was taking out some garbage and decided to take a look in the direction that I last saw the hawk fly on Friday. I was absolutely stunned to see the Sharp-shinned Hawk on the ground about 25m away. It was in the open in an area between a creek and another small townhouse building. I couldn't tell if he was injured, from the crash on Friday, but I suspected that he was.

    I called on a trusted neighbour and we drove around to where the hawk was perched (The back side of our fence). It was trespassing, but I figure that our intentions were good enough to talk our way out of any problems. My plan was to carefully approach the bird and determine if he was actually injured. After deciding this, I would call OWL Rescue to get some professional help. After we arrived, I slowly approached the bird. He immediately flushed to a post about 20M away. One wing was definitely lower than the other. I was about to turn and tell my friend that we needed to call OWL, when a RTH swooped at the SSH out of nowhere. The SSH ducked and then flushed to a nearby cedar tree. The RTH tried to catch him in flight but missed. He immediately turned and pursued the SSH. We lost sight of the two. We went to the cedar tree expecting to find the RTH eating on the SSH. We didn't find either hawk. After looking a little longer, we decided to enter the next complex over to see if they were in one of their trees. Shortly after entering, a Cooper's hawk flew across the parking lot to a tall cedar. Now, we had three separate hawks in the equation. There were many kids playing around the complex and a lady asked us what we were doing. I told her about the hawks. At this point, a little boy pointed to the ground and said that earlier he saw a little hawk fighting off a big hawk with a red tail. He said the little hawk then flew about 20m away and landed on the ground. The boy said that a cat then went after the little SSH hawk. The hawk went into a tree and then flew up onto a garage roof. We looked for the SSH, and the new Cooper's hawk, but couldn't find either.

    At this point, I know that the hawk is definitely Sharp-shinned and has an injured wing. This is one tough hawk. He's been injured for two days and still had enough strength to fight off a Red-tailed Hawk. Hopefully, I can locate him tomorrow and get him the help he needs. If the RTH finds him and eats him, then I guess that's nature at work. However, I'm pulling for my tough little buddy to survive.

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    1. Degilbo on flickr 42 months ago | reply

      What an incredible story, Wes! Hope you can find the SSH to help it.

    2. mikewiz 42 months ago | reply

      Quite the saga Wes .... I guess it illustrates how mother nature has no favorites.

    3. prairiedog (in and out) 42 months ago | reply

      an incredible story...hope he survived it!

    4. M.D.Parr 42 months ago | reply

      An amazing encounter Wes, hope you find him and he survives, sounds like he deserves to! Incredible area you live in - 3 hawks on the patch!!

    5. Gord Sawyer 42 months ago | reply

      Amazing story Wes...hopefully there's a good ending to the story..

    6. Mrs. Kpax 42 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot and amazing story - I do hope there is a happy ending

    7. ~Doug~ 42 months ago | reply

      That's an incredible story Wes! Nice you got the photo of it looking at least decent!

    8. innerMt 42 months ago | reply

      Nice capture!

    9. HLazyJ - Susan Humphrey 42 months ago | reply

      Nice shot and great account of events.

    10. sgbaughn 42 months ago | reply

      Good story with the photo!!!

    11. JMalcolm 42 months ago | reply

      Great story--why can't the hawks get along---why can't people perhaps is more important.

    12. D_C_D 42 months ago | reply

      it's a bird-eat-bird world out there.
      great story.

    13. PerAnd1 42 months ago | reply

      Interesting story and photo Wes !

    14. Canonshooterman 42 months ago | reply

      Quite the story, Hope you find him!

    15. Gord Sawyer 42 months ago | reply

      Hope he survies..nice one Wes.

    16. Don Delaney 42 months ago | reply

      Great shot! I hope it ends well for this guy.

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