Anime Weekend Atlanta 19
Pictures from Anime Weekend Atlanta 18 (September 27-29, 2013).

Wonderful weather struck AWA this year, causing a lot of outside shots to occur. It was also more crowded than before, with over 18 thousand attendants at the con, a 28% increase from last year. I did plan to visit several panels, but the long lines curtailed that idea fast. Did make more efforts to hang with people and there was a lot more people that said "hey" to me over last year, which is good. I didn't have any con drama this year thanks to having my own room at the con, and I did like the decor change the hotel did. Overall, had a good time, got to hang with a lot of interesting and awesome people, and of course saw some amazing cosplay.

During the convention, I scheduled 13 photoshoots with cosplayers; 10 of which actually happened, which is rather good. One additional was added while at the con. Though all the pictures taken are within' this main set, I have also broken out sub-sets for easy sharing:
Attack on Titan
Binbo-gami ga! Photoshoot
Catherine Photoshoot
Certain Scientific Railgun Photoshoot
Danganronpa Photoshoot
Diesel Punk Photoshoot
Final Fantasy X Photoshoot
Highschool of the Dead Photoshoot
Legend of Korra Photoshoot
Poison Ivy Photoshoot
Storm Photoshoot

Hope you like the pictures, see y'all next year!
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