Anime Weekend Atlanta 18
Pictures from Anime Weekend Atlanta 18 (September 28-30, 2012).

This year's AWA was warmer but with constant overcast and some rain, causing for some gloomy pictures, but I made do what I had. As always, a lot of great cosplayers at the convention, representing Atlanta well. "Gangnam Style" was the obvious theme song for this year... you couldn't escape it. Most popular cosplays were Homestuck, Legend of Korra, My Little Pony, and an army of Lokis. Made a few clips of the action, which can be seen on my YouTube Channel. Overall, I had a good time, minus the lack of sleep and hotel room drama.

Though these pictures are in the main set, I also broke-out a few sub-sets specific to photoshoots done at the convention:
Toph Beifong Photoshoot
Lolita Fashion Photoshoot
My Little Pony Photoshoot
Touhou Project Photoshoot
Fighting Tengu Photoshoot
Chell Photoshoot
Fairy Tail Photoshoot
Sesshomaru and Rin Photoshoot
Maka Albarn Photoshoot
Korra Photoshoot
Punk Tier Dave and Jade Photoshoot
God Tier Dave and John Photoshoot

Hope you like the pictures, see y'all next year!
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