Otakon 2010
Otakon 17, July 30-August 1, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The second biggest convention in North America (un-official attendance almost 30,000), Otakon has become a staple of the Baltimore Inner-Harbor (along with the Orioles and high-priced hotels). Being the biggest on the East Coast, it pulls a lot of the same cosplayers as seen at other smaller cons to it, so its not surprising to see some of the same peeps. But its the fact that its so big, its almost impossible to get every cosplayer that roams the convention floor, especially if they are cosplaying as some obscure ninja from the leaf village.

I did the usual, mostly taking pictures of cosplayers at the convention, while taking time-out to sleep and eat. I did visit one panel, +2 Comedy, who were very good. Though no vuvuzelas were heard at the convention, someone did pull the fire alarm on Saturday causing an hour long evacuation of the entire convention center (luckily I was having lunch with friends at the time). Overall, I did have a good time... even if I skipped a lot of stuff like the Yoshida Brothers, oh well.

Though these pictures are in the main set, I also broke-out one photoshoot where I took my time and made lots of great shots, thus deserves a seperate mini-set:
Batman Photoshoot

Want your cosplay set to music? Visit Ackson's Fanvideos of Otakon 2010, they are worth checking out: [1], [2] and [3].

As always, thank you for visiting and hope to see you again soon.
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