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My primary post production workspace

Here's where all the RAW crunching gets done. For those of you who are tech-heads, I'll list the specs: Quad G5/4GB/750GBx2/2x30" (right), Dual G5/3GB/750GBx2/1x30" (left,upper)/G4-1.33/120GB/2GB/17" (left, lower). For my uber geek friends -- center lower - Sony wireless 15" tv; Sonos wireless remote; and about 6TB of portable drives, oh, and the two G5's are connected via GigE so they share drives and data in as near real time as possible, and there are six CF card readers, three FW400 Lexar's, two FW800 Sandisk's, and one USB2 Sandisk - sweet for the redundant ingest of up to 24GB of images (with 4GB cards) unattended, meaning I can go to sleep after starting the ingest!

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Taken on December 21, 2006