Rev. Douglas Moore
Rev. Douglas Moore led the Black United Front in the District of Columbia after Stokely Carmichael resigned in 1968. Moore staged a number of high profile confrontations around the city while pursuing a Black Nationalist agenda.

Moore led the BUF to make a number of demands for reparations from churches around the city to fund the BEDC—an attempt to jump start economic development controlled by African Americans in the wake of the devastation in the city following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The BUF met with some limited success, receiving some substantive contributions from All Souls Unitarian Church and St. Stephens Episcopal, but was rejected by the Catholic Church, the Jewish community and other large denominations and parishes.

Moore would go on to win a city council seat in 1974, but personal troubles and his confrontational style did not sit well with many constituency groups or with his peers who worked to undermine him. He lost a 1978 race for council chair and a 1979 race for at-large council. He attempted a comeback in 1982 for a Ward 5 seat, but was again defeated.
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