Longest Walk: 1978
The Longest Walk (1978) was spurred by the introduction of 11 bills that would strip Native Americans of water rights and abrogated treaties.

The demonstration was organized by the American Indian Movement as a spiritual 3200-mile walk across the country from Alcatraz Island in San Francisco to Washington, D.C.

It began February aa, 1978 with a ceremony on Alcatraz Island with a sacred pipe that was carried the entire journey

The walk educated people along the way about Native issues and rallied tribes across the country to support the effort.

Several thousand marchers entered Washington, D.C. July 15, 1978 representing both Native and non-Native supporters.

Rallies were held to publicize Native issues including the 11 bills, Native political prisoners, forced re-locations, among other issues.

Prominent supporters included Marlon Brando and Muhammad Ali.

None of the 11. Bills passed Congress.

Subsequent to this walk, four other Longest Walks were held: Longest Walk II (1978), Longest Walk III (2011), Longest Walk IV (2013—starting in Washington, D.C and ending in Alcatraz) and Longest Walk V (2016).
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