Jerry Rubin
Jerry Rubin was a prominent Yippie activist of the 1960s

Rubin gained increased fame when he was indicated as one of the "Chicago 8," charged with conspiracy to riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention.

When called before a HUAC hearing that once ruined careers in the 1950s, Rubin and other activists in the 1960s were openly contemptuous of the hearings and often looked upon a subpoena to appear before the committee as a badge of honor.

Rubin was an early opponent of the Vietnam War, running for mayor of Berkeley on an antiwar platform and helping organize the influential Vietnam Day Committee that attempted to stop troop trains.

Later helping to organize the antiwar 1967 March on the Pentagon and 1968 demonstrations at the Democratic Convention, Rubin was indicted as one of the Chicago 8 defendants whose trial transfixed the country. Later their convictions for conspiracy and contempt were overturned.

Perhaps most famously, as a prominent “Yippie,” he helped hone the tactic of using stunts to garner publicity for his causes.

As the antiwar movement began to subside in the early 1970s as the Vietnam War wound down, Rubin abandoned his activism and turned toward making money.

His ventures rendered him a multi-millionaire before died after being hit by a car in Los Angeles in 1994.
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