Sue Reading
Sue Reading was an original Washington Area Spark and On The Move contributor who also later contributed to the revived Washington Area Spark website and photo collection through writing and editing.

Reading grew up in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh and attended Alverno College in Milwaukee from 1964-66.

When the U.S. invaded Cambodia in 1970, she quit her job at a Washington, D.C. advertising agency, got divorced, and began to participate in political activities against the Vietnam War and for civil rights, women’s rights, and prison reform.

She also worked for the US National Student Association from 1970-72, producing their newsletter with Craig Simpson.

In the mid-70s she moved to Oklahoma City, and got married. She learned to drive an 18-wheeler and hauled heavy equipment across the country with her husband.

Her daughter Susanne was born in 1980. She and her family moved to Austin in 1983, and she was divorced in 1985.

She worked as a legal assistant and later started building websites so that she could stay at home to raise her daughter. She helped to organize Austin Free-Net, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free computer and Internet access and training in libraries and community centers.

She is currently working in Austin as a freelance copy editor and studying to begin a life-coaching practice.
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