Women's Rights: 1969-81
The first national demonstration for women’s rights in over 50 years shown on Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC August 26, 1970.

The demonstration was called on the 50th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Groups ranging from the League of Women Voters to the Black Panther Party participated in the protest march. The marchers had also called for a national strike by women on that day.

Speakers at the main rally called for passage of an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, liberalized abortion laws, an end to the capitalist system and freedom for black people.

A later march to the Women’s Detention Center sponsored by the Women’s Liberation Movement, Black Panther Party and other left of center groups ended with a call to “Free Our Sisters, Free Our Selves.”

Demonstrations over the next decade focused on passing the Equal Rights Amendment--an effort that has not succeeded--and protecting abortion rights.
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