VA Restaurant Sit-Ins: 1960
This set contains images of the sit-ins and related activities in Arlington, Virginia from June 9-23, 1960 that resulted in the desegregation of most restaurants and lunch counters in the city.

A small interracial group led by Howard University divinity student Laurence Henry staged sit-ins at various lunch counters and restaurants, including at least two Drug Fairs, People's Drug Store, Woolworth's, Landsburgh's and a Howard Johnson.

The actions resulted in victory on June 22 when most restaurants announced they were desegregating.

The Non-Violent Action Group (NAG) then moved across the river to Montgomery County where they staged sit-ins and pickets at Glen Echo Amusement Park, the Hi-Boy Restaurant in Rockville and the Hiser Theater in Bethesda.

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