DC Anti-Vietnam War 1972
One image shows a group of women being evicted from the U.S. Capitol after staging an anti-Vietnam War demonstration in the U.S House of Representatives January 18, 1972.

Another image shows a protest by families of POWs protesting the war at President Richard Nixon's State of the Union Address January 20, 1972.

Another image shows. DC Statehood Chair Charles Cassell speaks to anti-Vietnam War rally at Lafayette Park November 18, 1972.

Note man selling copies of the "United Irishman," the publication of the "Official" Irish Republican Army.

A number of images show a protest May 21, 1972 triggered by the U.S. mining of harbors in North Vietnam. Upwards of 15,000 people participated in the "emergency" demonstration.

A confrontation occurred that resulted in a pitched battle between protesters and police at the foot of the U.S. Capitol
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