Mike Quatro Concert 1972
This set contains images of students gathering on the football field at Montgomery College in Maryland for a Mike Quatro concert Sept. 1, 1972. See if you can spot the person in the crowd apparently rolling a joint.

Spark ran an article in its October 1972 issue criticizing Detroit musician Quatro and some other male rockers entitled “Cock Rock: The Rape of Our Culture” that criticized the music for degrading women. Quatro responded with a letter defending his style of music and followed up with a phone call. The conversation did not go well and Quatro ended it with a “f… you.”

This set of images was scanned from original negatives. The negatives were in poor condition and some minimal restoration work has been done to make the images viewable. Non-commerical use of these images should be credited to Reading/Simpson. Commercial use of these items is prohibited without express permission.
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